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JBEHosting offers virtual machine (or VM) hosting in Australia. This is a cost effective alternative or a “Stepping stone” to a dedicated physical server. It is ideal if you have specific hosting requirements and a limited budget, or just want to give running your own server a go.


  • Unrestricted root access to your own virtual server via ssh
  • No hardware expense
  • No rental expense in a datacentre
  • Open Source technology
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Multiple IP addresses available


Each virtual machine:

  • 64-bit processor platform
  • RAM allocated according to your requirements
  • High speed SCSI Disk access
  • Each VM has, at minimum, an equal share of the processor time available when other VMs are busy. During quiet times, your VM can take advantage of the host hardware.

JBEHosting's own data center has world-class networking and excellent physical and network security and redundancy.


  • Base Centos Setup - $199
  • Custom setup and technical assistance available and quoted on request.
  • The monthly cost for VM's is calculated on a unit basis.
  • One "VM Unit" has 128MB RAM, 3GB disk space and 1G of Data transfer.
  • Per unit $55/month
  • Additional data transfer $4/GB/month

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